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to Remove County Court Judgments (CCJ’s)

CCJ Removal

Privately and legally, we can help you remove your unwanted CCJ(s).

  • Why should the computer say NO!
  • Why should you be refused a mortgage!
  • Why should you be refused a loan!
  • Why should you be refused credit!
  • Why should you suffer for 6 long years before your CCJ is cancelled!

Do something about it now.

The three Major Credit Agencies:


Thousands now remove unwanted judgments from the records.

There are two common kinds of judgment. Summary judgment, a judgment entered by a Court for one party and against another party summarily, i.e., without a full trial and a Default judgment, which  is a binding judgment in favour of either party based on some failure to take action by the other party. This latter type is more common. It may be a symptom of ignorance, procrastination or just not knowing you have one registered. 

Don’t take any chances. Check what may be registered against you.

Here’s the problem. County court judgments cause serve difficulties once registered and they stay registered for 6 long years, blocking any access to loans, credit cards, a mortgage, or a overdraft etc.

How can you beat odds like that?

This is the key question addressed by the CCJ Removal Service.  Privately and legally, you can remove county court judgments (CCJ’s) from the records!

There is now legislation in place – that can help you.

This legislation was made law in April 1999 and amended and updated in 2003 under the Courts Act.

We are able in most cases, using various sections of the Acts, Regulations and Rules to remove your CCJ from the records. Removal is legal and permanent.

(Details are available on request). Invitation only. 

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